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Cord-cutting is becoming a popular trend amongst homeowners who are fed up with paying the highest rates for cable TV and having very little value for money in terms of shows to enjoy. If you are one of the masses who want to save money by seeking out alternative ways to enjoy TV this is the right product review to read. 

TV antenna viewing is a terrific way to enjoy content 100% free of charge. There are lots of free broadcasting channels around that you can tap into legally with the help of a good quality antenna. The only downside to these free channels is that it can be hard to find a good signal if you live far from broadcasting channels. 

A good quality TV antenna amplifier is just what you need to overcome this problem. These signal boosters can help you reach channels that are further away and helps you enjoy higher quality viewing from current signals.

Tv Antenna Preamplifier Reviews

There are quite a lot of different types of antenna boosters available on the market but the following review we are only going to discuss the best two antennas namely the GE Outdoor TV amplifier and the Channel Master CM-7777V3.

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The GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier – The Best Outdoor Amplifier

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First up on our TV antenna preamplifier reviews list is the GE Outdoor TV amplifier.  If you are looking for something affordable and good then this is a great pick. At 5.12 x 1.25 x 4 inches this amplifier is quite slim and portable in design. It is very easy to connect to your current antenna and can be installed effectively within minutes. It is also compatible with all TV antenna brands and is considered a universal product. 

The signal booster boosts your reception on outdoor antennas and filters out the noise so you can enjoy a clearer pure view. With this antenna booster, you can enjoy free TV in your home. You can also invest in an additional GE coax splitter that allows you to connect more TV sets to the same antenna. 

The antenna is weather resistant which makes it possible to position it outside in open areas where you can get the best possible signal. It is full 1080p HD TV compatible which makes it suitable for modern flat-screen TV sets. 


  • Weight – 7.2 oz
  • Size – 5.12 x 1.25 x 4 inches
  • Type – Outdoor
  • Compatibility – can be installed on any TV antenna
  • Weather-resistant – yes
  • Function – boosts the signal and reduce noise for a clearer view
  • Accessories included – Mounting hardware and instructions


  • The booster is compatible with all types of antennas of any brand
  • It can enhance the strength of your signal so you can watch a greater variety of shows
  • It reduces noise for a clearer and brighter view
  • The booster is functional for use on modern 1080p flat-screen TVs
  • It is very easy to install
  • The amplifier is weatherproof so you can install it in the open for better signal
  • It is lightweight and compact in size and won’t add strain to your current antenna


  • There is no power indicator to show you that the device is on
  • Other environmental factors can still affect your picture quality
  • Doesn’t offer good boosting when used with older cables



This is a good amplifier to add to your current TV antenna. It is functional for any type of antenna including all brands, sizes, and makes. The amplifier can make a huge difference in picture quality and will allow you to pick up broadcasting signals from further away. This is a good investment if you need something that will clear up the view on the current channels you are viewing and especially for picky viewers that might want to enjoy content from broadcasting stations that are further away.

The Channel Master CM-7777V3 – The Best for remote use

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Do you live far away from most broadcasting channels? The Channel Master CM-7777V3 is the best amplifier you can buy if you need something powerful that can pick up signals from towers 80+ miles away. 

This amplifier is specially designed to pick up broadcasting signals from far away and as such isn’t the best pick for those that live in regions with a mix of strong and weak signals. It offers ultra-high amplification and can also reduce signal disturbances and noise on these distant channels.

The amplifier has a heavy-duty housing with rubber weather seal which make it possible for you to apply it to any outdoors antenna without having to worry about weather conditions. The RF shielding protects it against moisture and interferences. 

The amplifier comes with a power supply and special tee junction so you can easily attach it to your current antenna. It is designed to be used with a 6ft outdoor antenna that is mounted. It is compatible with a variety of antenna brands but it is preferable that you only add it to larger antenna types that are designed to pick up broadcasting towers from afar.


  • Weight – 12 oz
  • Size – 3.2 x 7.8 x 5.2 inch
  • Function – outdoor booster that reduces noise
  • Application – 6ft antennas of all brands
  • Range – 80+ miles (not functional for short ranges)
  • Weather proof – yes
  • Accessories – power supply and tee junction


  • The antenna booster is very easy to use
  • It can be installed on any large 6ft antenna
  • It boosts your signal so you can view channels broadcasted from distant towers
  • It has a reach of +80 miles away
  • The amplifier is enclosed in a weather proof rubberized case which makes it weather proof and shock absorbent in case lightning strikes
  • It is highly durable
  • You can use it to enjoy a wider range of free channels from further away


  • It isn’t suitable for areas where there are local broadcasting towers
  • The picture can be affected in poor weather conditions
  • Only has one coax input
  • Expensive compared to some amplifiers



The Channel Master CM-7777V3 is a perfect investment for those living in rural regions where there are not many broadcasting towers. This booster allows you to get signal from further away and enable you to reach a greater variety of channels. It is highly durable and suitable for all weather conditions which is very convenient since it is designed to fit on taller 6ft TV antennas that endure more exposure to undesirable elements.

The price of this antenna can be steep but it is a worthy investment for those that otherwise won’t be able to enjoy free TV channels.

Final Verdict 

Both of these antenna amplifiers are made of high-quality materials and can be a worthy pick if you are looking to enhance your TV broadcasting strength. To make it easier for you to choose the best one we also included a quick buyer’s guide to help you choose;

The best for remote areas – The Channel Master CM-7777V3 might be expensive but it is a must if you live in rural areas. This amplifier makes it possible for you to view broadcasting channels from over 80 miles away and it is also designed to reduce the noise of these channels.

The best for close range boosting – The Channel Master isn’t a good investment for close-range boosting because the signal boosting is just too high. If there are a few broadcast channels close to you then it is better to invest in the GE Outdoor TV amplifier. This antenna is designed to boost your strength and picture quality of localized TV broadcasting channels. 

The budget-friendly – The GE outdoor amplifier is by far the more affordable unit of the two and can be a better pick if you need something affordable.

The best for the weather – Both of these antenna boosters are good picks for outdoor use. They are both weather and waterproof. The Channel Master is however made of higher quality materials because it is designed to fit on top of higher antennas that endure more environmental element exposure.

In the end, it all probably comes down to your location. If you live in an area that is relatively close to broadcasting towers then the GE outdoor TV amplifier is the best pick for you. It is affordable, easy to use and when you spend extra on the 4-way splitter, you can connect more TV sets.

 On the other hand, the Channel Master is a better pick if you live far out with broadcasting channels over 80 miles away. The amplifier can pick up weak signals much better and it is also designed to handle tougher environmental factors which make it a more durable solution.

We hope that this product review helped identify the best amplifier to get for your home. If you are also interested in buying an antenna for your home or your travels then we welcome you to also have a look at some of our other product reviews where we discuss all the best antennas you can buy right now. 

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