Vansky Outdoor 360 Degree Antenna Review

Vansky Outdoor 360 Degree Antenna Review

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Vansky Outdoor Rotation Amplified HD TV Antenna


Around $33 – Available on


Dual TV outputs, 150 mile range, Wireless remote controller


Poor quality coax cable


The Vansky outdoor HD TV antenna is designed to receive digital TV UHF/VHF signals while providing high quality 1080 P HD picture.

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These days, the cost of entertainment only seems to be getting higher and higher. Between the streaming services and ongoing cable bills, we’re always paying something just to get to watch TV that used to be free of charge.

If you’re looking to save some money or just want to know how you can get seriously high definition TV at home, you might have already heard about an HDTV antenna. These amazing devices allow you to get high def TV at home without the high costs of cable, so you can pick up more channels than ever and in crystal clear quality.

While there are plenty of these antennas on the market, finding one that’s both budget-friendly and high quality seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, the need for an antenna that can meet both criteria can be hard to find, and so people end up settling for their subpar TV picture quality or high ongoing costs for entertainment.

Vansky is a brand that believes everyone should get the best access to high quality TV without paying a fortune for it, and they’ve created a 360-degree rotating antenna to help you achieve it. We’re going to check out what features this antenna has and whether it can actually get you the clear picture and variety of channels it promises to.

About The Product

TV Antenna Rotating System

Vansky is a tech brand that specializes in making your home safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Their range of electronics and devices have all been made at affordable prices so they’re ideal for everyday users, and they target all kinds of problems from your home’s security to its entertainment systems.

The Vansky 360 Degree Outdoor Antenna hopes to solve the problem of poor TV signals or subpar picture quality. It achieves this with a 360-degree rotating antenna that’s placed on top of your roof that can be adjusted with a remote, so you’ll never have to climb up and manually move it again.

This is the perfect TV antenna for people who have been wanting high definition without paying a high price for an antenna or cable subscription. It can also support two different TVs at once and doesn’t require a splitter, so you can get just the one antenna for the entire household.

The Vansky 360 Degree Outdoor Antenna has so many features you’d expect to find on a much more expensive product, including:

  • Wireless remote control with 360-degree motor rotor for full movement;
  • 150-mile range gives you 1080p HDTV and 32dB connections;
  • Fully weather resistant for outdoor use and protected against lightning;
  • Comes with 32.8 ft coax cable and power supply adapter;
  • Super low noise amplifier built into the design;

What Others Say

The best thing about this antenna is the quality and clarity of the picture you’ll receive, so that you can finally get true high definition TV in your home. You’ll also get access to all new channels that you previously weren’t able to reach, thanks to the 150-mile radius that it’s capable of.

Having a remote to access the antenna is another huge advantage and it saves you from having to get on the roof yourself to make adjustments. This is potentially unsafe and a real bother when you have to do it with other rooftop devices so it makes a huge difference.

The most obvious disadvantage of this antenna is the coax cable that comes with it, and many of the reviews claim that it was poor quality compared to the rest of the antenna. You’ll need to purchase a replacement cable and set this up yourself, and then it should work fine.

Other comments were made about the lack of a pole with the package, but Vansky was clear about this in the manual. It seems to be an easy fix for people, with most customers using a bit of cheap PVC pipe to set up the antenna with no further problems.

Buying Advice

Antenna Receiving 1080p Channels

If you want to upgrade your home entertainment without spending a whole lot of money, you can get the Vansky 360 Degree Outdoor Antenna for your home through Amazon. Their current price is just over $30 which even includes free shipping straight to your door, so no extra fees for freight.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, this free shipping will be sent express so within 48 hours you’ll be enjoying clearer HD pictures and more channels than before.

The Vasnky Antenna comes with a few things inside the box, including the coax cable and power adaptor. Keep in mind that some people found their coax cable to be faulty, so you may need to spend a few dollars to replace this if yours is one of the unlucky ones.

The warranty on this antenna covers you for 45 days or they’ll return your money. As far as warranties go, it could be a little longer, but there doesn’t seem to be any complaint about quality from the reviews.

As it’s fully weather resistant, you don’t have to worry about outdoor damage either, and you can give it a quick check when you get it to see if it accesses all of the available channels.

Final Thoughts

The Vansky 360 Degree Outdoor Antenna is the perfect way to enhance your home entertainment setup without spending too much money. If you’ve been wanting to try out extra channels or get high definition channels through your TV, this is the easy and affordable option that you can try first.

There’s very little to do during the setup of this antenna so even if you’re technically challenged it won’t be a bother. For a small amount of work, you’ll get a much better viewing experience that can all be controlled by the push of a button on your remote. To get the Vansky 360 Degree Outdoor Antenna for your home, click here to check them out.

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