Channel Master Antenna Amplifier Review

Channel Master Antenna Amplifier Review

A majority of Americans are now cutting the cord, and there are plenty of reasons why that is a wise decision. First up, you can save a lot of money by investing in a cutting-edge antenna amplifier. Paying $10 to $15 every month in cable subscriptions for channels that are free is absurd.

Digital TV signal amplifiers offer a virtually free alternative. You can attach the device on your internal or external (non-amplified) antenna and receive spotless reception along with a multitude of free day-time, night-time and prime-time channels and shows.

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TV Amplifier

Plus, you will even get channels that broadcast the Super Bowl along with HD shows and whatnot. And the best part is you will only be paying a fraction of the total cost.

Opting for an antenna amplifier is by far the smartest decision anyone makes. And don’t worry about myths like the device will work in bad weather.

How many times have had to stream a show or a game online because you couldn’t get cable because of a thunder or snow storm? Well, with an amplifier this will never be a problem.

But when it comes to antenna amplifiers, going with the best always will ensure you don’t have to spend extra cash installing and repairing your device.

About The Product

That is why investing in the Channel Master Antenna Amplifier is such an excellent idea. And here are some fantastic reasons why:

  • With a portable design and just the right size, the Channel Master is straightforward to install – and you can fit the device in a multitude of areas inside your house
  • The antenna amplifiers have whopping eight output ports – that means you can connect a vast variety of streaming devices
  • The gain per output of the antenna is four decibels
  • You can use the antenna with any F-type fittings
  • The device is powder coated for lousy weather
  • Fantastic surge and the device comes with stand capability that is compatible with multiple Waveforms such as Category A3 and B3, IEEE C62.41 and ANSI
  • The amplifier receives both analog and digital broadcast frequencies and signals
  • MTA-Compatible
  • The antenna amplifier can withstand scorching temperatures (up to 140 degrees F)
  • Plus, it is also weather-sealed for ultraviolet protection and corrosion (especially useful if you live in a region where it rains a lot)

The Channel Master antenna amplifier will enhance your HD TV set, delivering high range signals to enable you to watch your favorite HD channels and whatnot.

Thanks to how small the amplifier is you will not have to waste time setting it up. You can install the device anywhere in your house and on the external antenna.

Moreover, you can fit a variety of streaming devices like AppleTV, Roku and Fire TV with the Channel Master to maximize your experience and pleasure.

The amplifier delivers and broadcasts all free channels as well as tune into prime-time and nigh-time specials. Plus, you will never have to miss the Super Bowl again.

As the product is weather-sealed, you will never have to worry about corrosive damage or any other elemental damage to the device.

TV Signal Booster

All you have to do is install the Channel Master, adjust it for maximum signal strength and voila!

The product is nothing less than professional grade and complies with all US and global quality standards – this also includes the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers).

Moreover, you can use the Channel Master amplifier for CATV and HDTV as well as off-air application – this is especially useful when you are looking for reliability and high performance.


  • Very straightforward to install – the instructions are straightforward
  • Fantastic picture and sound quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offer top-notch performance
  • Decent range


  • The Channel Master, eight port antenna amplifier, does not come with a power inserter

What Others Are Saying

There is no question the Channel Master amplifier is in a lot of demand since the cord-cutting trends began in the US. And there are just so many reasons why you will only find positive reviews for the product.

With eight ports, you can fit and connect a variety of streaming devices or antennas – irrespective of whether it is an indoor or outdoor antenna.

Plus, the majority of users are satisfied that they can quickly and effortlessly connect their favorite streaming devices such as Roku and Fire TV to watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Unlike other antenna amplifiers where is a lot of disturbance and interference, the Channel Master does its best to keep the intervention at a minimum.

Sure, if you live near the airport or in a region where it rains a lot – you can expect some interference.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a long-term solution to watching great TV, investing in the Channel Master antenna amplifier is the best thing you can do.

Channel Master CM3418 Eight Port Distribution Amplifier


Along with saving your monthly cable subscription, there are just so many channels you will be able to enjoy!

With eight ports and portable, lightweight design – installing the device is not going to be a problem. It doesn’t take a lot of space and is weather-sealed.

Moreover, the device can also withstand up to 140 degrees F! You can get your hands on this ingenious invention in under $40 (without free shipping) at Amazon.

Final Verdict

The Channel Master amplifier is worth every penny, and there is no doubt it will change your TV viewing experience forever!

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