Best Rooftop Antenna — The Ultimate Buying Guide for You!

As soon as one hears the phrase “rooftop antennas,” they just assume that it’s an outdated form of technology. And honestly, if you haven’t really had the first-hand experience of using antennas yourself, it would be hard for you to believe that rooftop television antennas are still widely used today.

When the whole world switched from analog to digital televisions, we thought that antennas were done with. However, the reason why they are still in use is because you can get an antenna installed for your digital television too, it doesn’t have to be an old analog television.

But, isn’t the convenient alternative for satellite or cable service simply using the internet for streaming?

Well yes, that stands true as well. Then again, having your television pick up local signals through an antenna even without employing the use of the internet rationally seems like an even easier approach — and one that you only have to pay for once!

Usually the problems people face these days, and have faced from the very beginning of analog signals, is regarding the constant signal disruption experienced by antennas that require frequent adjustments. However, modern antennas are much better at receiving signals!

To help you find the best option, we dived through the internet and found six of our favorite rooftop antennas. We’ve listed them below, so that you can have an easy time narrowing down the best choice for your needs.

Without dragging this on any longer, let’s look into them!

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1. TV Antenna – RCA Yagi Satellite HDTV Outdoor Antenna with a Range of Over 70 Miles – To be Mounted Over Attic or Rooftop, TV Antenna with Long Range Digital OTA Antenna for 4K 1080P Clear and Sharp Reception

If you want to get rid of the annoyance of poor signals and low quality, this long range RCA Yagi outdoor antenna may just be the best rooftop antenna for you. 

This television antenna by RCA is known for the great signal reception that it offers along with the high durability of the product itself. These two factors literally make this rooftop antenna one of the best. 

When your cable or satellite TV gives up under tough conditions, this product will remain by your side, providing many of the same channels you are used to, like CBS, NBC, FOX. This is because it includes both UHF and VHF stations.

It’s a pre-assembled product that saves you from the struggle of having to build it yourself (though, you will still need to have it installed). Now, you can cut all your cords to install this product while never worrying about any bills or subscriptions.

It even comes with an RCA Signal Finder app that will assist you further in aligning the rooftop antenna in the right direction.

However, there have been a number of complaints regarding the signal range. It seems as if it doesn’t support the wide signal range that it claims to, and good antennas should be supporting.


  • High durability and weather resistance
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Pre-assembled
  • Inexpensive 
  • All inclusive product (supported by RCA Signal Finder App)


  • Has a hard time finding as many stations as it should

Still, for the price that it retails for, it’s a good option to consider and is worth your money even as a backup option.

2. Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna covering a Long Range of 150 Miles by McDuory – 360 Degree Rotation Amplified Antenna with Infrared Control – Tools Free Installation – Supporting 2 TVs

If you ask us, replacing the bothers of monthly subscription bills by a way smaller yet long term investment sounds like a pretty rational idea.

When it comes to the durability of the product, this outdoor digital television antenna by McDuory fulfils its role. No matter what the weather conditions are, your rooftop antenna will be safe.

Adding to that, this rooftop antenna gives you an even wider signal range of about 150 miles from the tower and promises great signal reception. Again, it works for both VHF and UHF.

You will be able to install it in no time as it is pre-assembled and needs no extra effort.

Being an all inclusive product, it also includes an infrared remote control.

It can be hooked up to two televisions at the same time without the hassle of splitters too.


  • High durability and weather resistance
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Supports 2 televisions
  • Inexpensive 
  • All inclusive product (includes infrared remote control)


  • Has a hard time tuning to as many stations as it should
  • Not assembled 

The only major problem with this product is that it doesn’t give the stated signal reception in some areas.

While this issue mostly depends on region, it’s still a great budget rooftop antenna.

3. Pingbingding Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna in the Model PBD WA-2608, with Mounting Pole and Coax Cable (40 ft RG6) – 150 Miles Range – Coming with Wireless Remote Rotation

An easy-to-install device, the outdoor antenna by Pingbingding (model PBD WA-2608) is such an easy device to use that it requires no excessive number of tools to build or install.

This product is worth your money because it has very little installation hassle and offers superior reception while supporting both UHF and VHF frequencies!

It’s a very durable device made to be weather resistant.

Although people do have a few complaints regarding tuning to a good number of stations, you can always use an amplifier to boost your signal reception!


  • High durability and weather resistance
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Supports 2 televisions
  • Inexpensive 
  • All inclusive product


  • Has a hard time tuning to as many stations as it should
  • Not assembled

Despite the issues it brings with itself, it’s a safe investment to make.

4. Pro Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna by GE, Long Range Antenna, VHF & UHF Digital HDTV (4K 1080P) Antenna – Weather Resistant and Durable – Indoor Attic Mountable, 29884 & J Mount Included

With this outdoor television antenna by General Electric, designed to give long range and clear reception of signal, you can safely ditch all your cable and satellite subscriptions and end all your monthly bills.

With the antenna on your rooftop, you don’t have to worry about quality and quantity, now you can enjoy a good number of channels in great video and audio quality, all within a good signal range of about 70 miles from the tower.

So, unlike the previous options, this rooftop antenna really does give you the signal range it claims to have, although there are people who did have struggles regarding it for other technical reasons (which is to be expected from a product that relies so heavily on geography). So, it has excellent reception for both VHF and UHF.


  • High durability and weather resistance
  • Tunes to a good number of stations easily
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Inexpensive 
  • All inclusive product (includes wireless remote control)


  • Not assembled 

The only fact that puts this item in a slightly negative light is the struggle of assembling it! Yes, it is an all inclusive product, but it’s not a pre-assembled antenna, so that part that falls on you.

Some users have complained that the instructions are hard to follow and may involve the use of complex tools that aren’t readily available at home.

But, of course, if you can get done with this process, this is a great addition to your television setup!

5. Long Range Amplified Digital Outdoor TV Antenna (150 Miles) – Mount Pole Included – High Reception (4K/1080p), Supports 2 TVs, Snap-on Elements / Coaxial Cable (40feet RG6) / Rotation Wireless Remote (360 Degree)

Imagine getting over all the hassle of monthly billing troubles of satellites and cables with just a rooftop antenna that you have to buy once. Seems like a great idea to us!

This antenna will heighten your experience of television by delivering you the best and sharpest audio and video for a wide number of channels, all for a signal range as far as 150 miles! This is so because it supports both UHF and VHF.

What makes this even better is that you can enjoy all of this on not just one, but two televisions and you don’t even have to buy splitters or extra adapters to do that, rather just one additional cable.

Whether you’re installing it for one television or two, the installation is pretty convenient as it’s mostly pre-assembled. It just needs to be set up on your rooftop with the help of a very easy-to-understand manual.

Once mounted, you can expect the same great signal reception that was promised because this amplified outdoor television antenna, with a solid 150 miles range, sold by Will Brands is a highly durable product that is made to be resilient enough to survive all forms of poor weather conditions.


  • High durability and weather resistance
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Supports 2 televisions
  • Pre-assembled
  • Inexpensive
  • All inclusive product (includes wireless remote control)


  • Has a hard time tuning to as many stations as it should

Again, this rooftop antenna also doesn’t tune to all the stations as clearly as it claims, even within a signal range of 15 miles. It’s a great product, but this issue persists for some people living in atypical areas.

6. Outdoor Digital Antenna with 2 TVs Function – 150 Mile Long Range with 360 Degree Rotation – Amplified HDTV Antenna, Support UHF & VHF Wide Range Channels (4K 1080P) – New 2020 Version

The best feature of this amplified outdoor television antenna is that it can support two televisions at the same time without using a splitter or any form of extra adapters. 

It has a solid signal range of 150 miles, which means it offers good signal reception, while giving you both ultra high working frequency and very high working frequency options. 


  • Tunes to a good number of stations easily
  • Supports both VHF and UHF to give a wide channel range
  • Supports two televisions 
  • Pre-assembled
  • Inexpensive
  • All inclusive product (includes a wireless control)


  • Slightly lacking in durability, somewhat fragile

With this product comes a wireless control as well. You don’t have to climb to the roof to adjust it now!

The only possible danger is posed by bad weather conditions, as it’s a slightly fragile device.


Although we have listed the best rooftop television antennas that are popular and available on the market today, it would totally be understandable if you’re still confused or want to look further into other options.

For that very reason, we are here with this buying guide for you to clear up any confusion about the right rooftop television antenna for you.

The following is a list of things you should look out for before making a choice, and some of these are the attributes associated with the best of rooftop antennas in use today.

Indoor and Outdoor Antennas 

All the rooftop antennas above are strictly outdoor antennas. Indoor antennas are also widely employed by people but if you look at the benefits, an outdoor one is way better.

This is because if you’re placing an antenna inside your home, it is much more susceptible to signal disruptions, which can be very annoying. Sometimes, it even becomes a necessity to place indoor antennas outside because they just don’t seem to pick up stations.

So, it’s always good to just go with external antennas in the first place.

Satellite or Terrestrial

So if we put it in the easiest words, there are two types of broadcasting on your television: satellite and terrestrial. 

Satellite antennas are technically reflectors and dish antennas, whereas terrestrial broadcasting just uses a conventional “rod” antenna.

None of the products above are meant for satellite reception, they are all purely meant for terrestrial signals.


When it comes to terrestrial broadcasting, there are two common working frequencies: very high frequency or VHF, and ultra high frequency or UHF.

There are a wide number of terrestrial antennas present in the market that only support one of these frequency ranges, but there are also a good number that support both.

Since all the mentioned antennas offer both of these frequencies, it’s clear that for a superior reception of wide stations, our preference is buying an antenna that gives us both UHF and VHF. Since the price difference usually isn’t significant, there’s not much reason to stick to only one type of frequency.

Picking Up Channels

But another way to decide whether you need both UHF and VHF broadcasting, or just one of them, is by asking yourself what channels you essentially need.

Both these frequencies offer their own set of channels and stations that can be accessed and tuned into. 

This means you might only require one of the frequency types to really get access to everything you want. You should check up with your local signal towers to find out details about the offered channels for this purpose.

Direction of the Antenna

Now one important question that rises about antennas is the direction they’re supposed to be placed.

Well, you can answer this question in two ways for two different antennas. You can pick a directional antenna that can only pick signals from one direction, or you can choose an omnidirectional antenna that picks up a number of different signals.

It seems as if a multidirectional antenna is better since it picks signals from various directions. However this is not always true, the more signals it picks up, the more it will get disrupted on the way.

On the other hand, directional antennas only have one direction to focus on, thus avoiding any distractions in between.

Getting a Signal Amplifier

If you’re having problems with your rooftop antennas, you can always employ the use of signal amplifiers.

While this is an added hassle, it’s sort of necessary because the problem of low quality or fewer channels is a very common issue for antennas, even for the best ones out there. 

A signal amplifier — as you might have already guessed — works to boost more and more signal from the signal towers in your area so that you can enjoy what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Single Outdoor Antenna on Multiple Televisions?

Well, yes. But the answer is a little more complicated.

There are a good number of outdoor antennas available today that can connect to two televisions at most.

Otherwise, you can buy a splitter. With a splitter you can also use the same antenna on more than two televisions.

Should I Get An Amplified Antenna?

We don’t recommend that. Experiences reveal that amplified antennas don’t work any better than non-amplified ones.

But if you really want higher receptivity, you can employ the use of an extra amplifier, which is arguably more effective.

How High Up Should I Place My Antenna?

The normal recommended height is about 30 feet from the ground, usually on top of your house. 

However, this varies with places depending on the position of the signal tower in your area. You might need to place it even higher. 

For reference, observe your neighbours’ functioning antennas if they have one.

Best Brands

Through extensive research, we are also bringing to you – what according to us are – the best brands that sell outdoor television antennas. 

  • RCA Antenna — RCA sells pretty cheap antennas despite their durability. They’re just the best when it comes to weather resistance.
  • McDuory — McDuory offers the cheapest outdoors antenna with good reception, high durability, and even support for two televisions.
  • Pingbingding — This brand sells antennas that are widely known for the minimal installation hassle. What else do you want?
  • General Electric — GE makes one of our top favorite antennas because they lack in nothing. 

They offer very high reception and great signals, resulting in the sharpest audio and video. It’s durable yet inexpensive. 

The only drawback is that they are not always pre-assembled.

  • Will Brands — Even though the antennas from Will Brands give you a hard time tuning to stations, they’re good picks because they’re durable, they support both VHF and UHF, they can work on 2 televisions, and more.
  • BEFORE — They sell one of the most trusted outdoor television antennas when it comes to superior signal receptivity.

But they need to be taken care of as they’re slightly fragile.

When buying a television antenna, remember to use these points as your buying guide because as we described, these are the qualities of the best antennas today.


We agree that with everyday discoveries and advancements, technology can get a little bit too much sometimes, especially for a non-tech person. In such circumstances, you might start scrolling through the web in search of a credible source to help you decide whatever it is that you are up to. But most of the time, even this search turns into a struggle as you get caught up in so many options that it becomes too hard to narrow something down!

For that very reason, we brought this buying guide to you that embraces the old ways! With that being said, our buying guide comes to an end and we hope that we were of help to you!

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