Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier Review

Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier Review

If you are looking to enhance your TV viewing pleasure and are bored with the same old channels and re-runs, the best things you can do is to cut-the-cord and get your hands on the best TV antenna.

The best thing about digital TV antennas and signal boosters is the fact you can get an equal amount of channels, absolutely free! You can tune into NBC, CBS, PBS, ANC, etc. without paying for any subscription.

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Tv Amplifier Back Side

With a cable, you end up paying for a majority of channels that are mean for free broadcasting. Moreover, when it comes to the variety of channels, there is nothing that can beat a digital TV antenna.

Thanks to an abundance of local channels – there is just so much to view. For example, you will get a variety of sports and new channels.

There are also channels that broadcast special sports events such as the Super Bowl as well as a large variety of day-time, late-night, and prime-time channels. 

Furthermore, you will also be able to stop the cable company from cheating you finally. How? Well, the average American pays $10 per month for all the channels that you can get for free by installing a durable and feature-packed TV antenna.

Plus, you can’t forget convenience. How many times have you had to sit utterly bored because you can’t watch TV as the storm outside has knocked your cable off? Too many, right?

About The Product

Well, with a Winegard TV antenna, you will still get a strong reception thanks to the signal booster and amplifier built-in the product. Some notable features:

Fitted With A High Definition TV Preamplifier

One of the best things about the Winegard is the fact you get a pre-amplifier booster that helps enhance the signals and reception delivering a score of new and old channels.

Plus, the Winegard antenna delivers crisp and clear signals so that you can watch more channels no matter how inclement the weather is outside. The range of this product is fantastic!

Ten Times The Power Handling Capability

The Winegard is built-in with TwinAmp tech, which is state-of-the-art. What the TwinAmp does is separately catch and amplify both UHF and VHS frequencies for high-end performance on an external antenna without any amplification.

Thanks to the TwinAmp, the signal selectivity is optimized two-fold. And that minimizes interferences down to nothing.

ACCT (Amplified Clear Circuit Tech)

The Winegard TV antenna is also built-in with ACCT, which helps keep the signal noise level at the lowest possible (around one decibel).

That helps enhance the range of the antenna, virtually minimizing signal drop out range as well as pixilation. The ACCT also optimizes external antennas without amplification.

Use The Antenna With Your Favorite Streaming Device

Another fantastic thing about the Winegard antenna is that you comfortably pair the device with your AppleTV, Roku, Google Chromecast or Fire TV for enhanced programming.

HDTV Antena

Moreover, after you pair the device with the Winegard, you can also watch a plethora of channels, TV shows and your favorite movies with programs such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix and pay less than half of what you would typically pay.

Watch HDTV Content With High Range

Winegard Antennas provide the best range of TV content available in your region. Moreover, the device picks up both UHF and VHF frequencies from a long way away (up to 65 miles)!

What Is In The Box?

The antenna comes with an LNA-200 amplifier/digital antenna, a power inserts along with a 110-volt adapter, clamps for mounting and a printed manual.

Moreover, the pre-amplifier is compatible with both internal and external antennas that do not have amplification.


  • You can easily mount the device on your internal or external antenna using plastic zip ties
  • The signal booster and digital amplifier enhance all channels. Plus the invention optimizes spotty reception
  • High range (up to 65 miles!)


  • You need +2 cables to connect the device comfortably. That is mainly because the amplifier does not have a built’in power injector.  However, this is not a big deal.

What Others Are Saying

Based on a lot of positive reviews, the Winegard TV amplifier is currently one of the best devices on the market for antennas.

The fact that you can attach the device with indoor and outdoor non-amplified antennas is just fantastic. Furthermore, the product is straightforward to mount. But a majority of users are just astonished by the range it delivers.

Up to 65 miles – the antenna delivers powerful VHF and UHF signals and captures spotless reception for your enhanced TV viewing pleasure.

Plus, you get all the free channels and more! Another reason why the Winegard is so popular is that users can connect the device with their streaming tools such as Roku and Fire TV and many more.

The picture quality provided by the Winegard is astounding, and there will never be any pixelation no matter how inclement the weather is outside.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Winegard TV antenna and amplifier in just under $38 at Amazon (shipping not free).

Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier


That is not bad at all considering how feature-packed the device – plus, it is so straightforward to install.

You cannot ask for anything more user-friendly. Another reason why you need to spend your money on this product is the fact it emits low noise (up to one decibel). The Winegard Company is the global leader in digital TV amplifiers.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt the Winegard antennas is worth every single penny you spend. And looking at the long-term aspect of things, think of just how much you will be saving in cable expenses.

You get all the free channels along with prime-time show and channels broadcasting special sports events. You can’t ask for anything more!

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