Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit Review

Oasis DirecTV Review

What do you do when you love going camping but you also don’t want to miss out on your favorite television shows? You could record them and watch the shows when you get back, but if you have a friend who always likes to spoil things, recording the shows aren’t going to be that effective.

That’s where a satellite dish can come in handy. You can put the dish on top of your camper or RV, hook it up and watch your shows right then and there!

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit and share the highlights and features of the kit. Along with a mini-review, we will also give you a brief summary of what customers had to say about their experience using the kit. At the end, we’ll give our final recommendation.

About The Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit

The Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit is a system that allows you to use your DirecTV services when you’re traveling. The kit features everything you’ll need to get your dish up and running so you can catch the latest drama on The Bachelor. The only things you’ll need is the satellite receiver, a television, and a 120 volt power source.

Notable features of the Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit include:

  • ​Compatible with H01 through H24 receivers.
  • ​Please check your receiver model
  • ​Not compatible with Genie receivers and client boxes
  • Not Compatible with H25, H44, HR25, HR34, HR44, HR54, C31, C41, C51, C61
  • Receives satellite 101w for DirecTV standard definition programming
  • Compact Satellite Dish tripod kit for DirecTVComes with satellite finder for easier aiming
  • Blue accessory case included

​When you are using this satellite dish kit, you can set the device up to 50-feet away from your camper to get the best reception. It’s recommended that you keep the dish away from trees because it will interrupt the reception. If you don’t have a tree-free spot within the 50-foot range, you can extend the range by using longer lengths of coaxial cable.

This kit features a tripod with quick release knobs so that you can easily assemble, disassemble and tune it. We do want to point out that this kit may be harder to tune with an older 18-inch DirecTV dish because this dish can pick up to three satellites at once.

What People Are Saying

We wanted to know what other customers had to say about this satellite dish kit, so we started reading the product reviews.

For the most part, people liked this kit and left positive reviews. People were impressed by how quickly their kit was shipped to them, but they were more impressed by how easy it was to follow the installation directions.

Customers said that although this is for a standard definition dish, the picture on a HD flat screen was impressive. Also, there were several people have also commented that when they wanted to mount the dish to the top of their rig, they needed to add additional couplings because the kit only came with 10.


With the good, there will always be some bad. Fortunately, there weren’t too many negative reviews for this kit. The most common concern people had was that the instructions that came with this kit were hard to understand and not very clear.

One customer even reported that the instruction booklet said if you had any problems installing the dish to call DirecTV customer support. When they did, the customer service rep said they couldn’t help.

Other customers commented that they had trouble finding a satellite signal with this kit. One person said they tried a number of spots to try and find a good signal and nothing worked. Other customers reported that they wanted to use the dish but couldn’t because the holes on the stand and the dish itself didn’t line up, therefore they couldn’t even use it.

Our Recommendation

A person shouldn’t have to decide between going on week long camping trip or staying home simply because they can’t watch their favorite shows while on the trip.

Thankfully, there are products like the Satellite Oasis DirecTV RV Tripod Kit that allows you have your cake and eat it too! With this kit, you’re getting everything you need (minus the television and subscription to a service provider) to continue watching your shows.

This kit comes with a DirecTV (standard definition) dish, a tripod, 50-foot coaxial cable and other accessories. Included with the kit you’ll receive the dish, a power cord, and tools like a bubble level and compass that you can use to help with the set up.

Sattelite Kit Review

Oh, and it also includes a sturdy carrying case for when you aren’t using those tools.

We like this particular kit because it is an affordable option that works with your existing DirecTV service. We also appreciate the convenient gear case because losing those small tools can make set up a pain.

Unfortunately, as much as we do like this kit, we’re a little disappointed that there aren’t any automation features, therefore you could spend a lot of time trying to find the best satellite signal. There were a few people who had a hard time trying to find a signal, but that could be chalked up to user mistakes or not having a clear sky.

 If you’re interested in purchasing a satellite dish kit for your camper or RV, we feel that this is an excellent option – especially if you’re on a budget and have a DirecTV subscription. If you do decide to go with this product, we recommend that you know what model dish you have, as this kit isn’t compatible with all DirecTV systems.

Our Rating

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