Satellite Dish Heater: What’s The Deal?

Satellite Dish Heater: What’s The Deal?

Cutting the cord and switching to satellite television is something that many people are doing because it’s the cheaper option in many cases.

Unfortunately, if you live in a cold climate that experiences harsh winters with lots of snow and ice, then you’re probably familiar with how frustrating it is to lose a signal in the middle of a really good part in that television series you love. That is exactly why you should have a satellite dish heater. 

What Is A Satellite Dish Heater?

A satellite heater is going to prevent snow and ice from building up onto your satellite dish so that you don’t have to worry about losing a signal during bad winter weather.

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Satellite Dish Heater

Most satellite heaters that are used for residential homes can be stuck to the front or back of your satellite dish and then you’ll plug it into a 110 volt outlet. This will keep the dish warm enough so the ice and/or snow doesn’t accumulate.

There are other heater systems where you’ll have to install a transformer in a dry area and a power cord will be connected to the dish. Some dish heaters will operate only when the antenna for the dish is plugged in. Then there are even some heaters that operate by thermostat that you can control when needed.

For businesses that use satellites, they’re going to have advanced de-icing systems in place that are powered by electric, propane, or even natural gas.

Who Could Benefit From A Satellite Heater?

A satellite dish heater is essential for anyone who uses a satellite dish and lives in areas where it snows. It’s recommended that you purchase and install one of these heaters before it gets cold because no one really wants to climb up on a roof in frigid temperatures to mess with the dish’s reflector.

How To Install A Satellite Dish Heater

Installing a satellite heater can be an easy task that’ll take only a few minutes, or it could be more involved. It all depends on what type of dish heater you get. For example, some heaters will just adhere to the dish and you’ll have to plug it into an outlet. More advanced models that uses a switch may require expert installation.

Man Installing Dish Heater

Final Thoughts

A satellite dish heater is essential during the winter in colder climates because it prevents ice and snow from building in the dish which will cause you to lose a signal. There’s a lot of different types of heaters out there and some are easier to install than others.

We recommend reading the installation instructions of any heater before you purchase just so you know what to expect. You don’t want to get a product that is more complicated than you’re able to manage safely.

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