PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna Review

PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna Review

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PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna


Around $46 – Available on


150 Miles Long Range and Dual TV Outputs, Snap-On Installation, Wireless remote controller




This pingbingding Compact Outdoor Antenna provides local television in full 1080 HD quality, for free

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When you’re packing up your RV and ready to head off on an adventure, you really want to minimize the belongings that you’re taking. No matter how much we try to downsize, there’s one thing that nobody really wants to live without and that’s their precious television.

Anyone who’s tried to fit a TV antenna to their RV before knows that it can be a bulky exercise and these devices usually end up taking far too much room. Some people end up giving up altogether on having their TV on the journey which ends up leaving you without your nightly news or favorite programs while you’re away.

The solution to this problem is to find a compact outdoor antenna that hasn’t sacrificed on picture quality. An antenna that’s just the right size to take along with you on your travels but that will also deliver the highest picture quality you’ve ever seen when you’re on the road.

PingBingDing has created such a product with their Compact Outdoor Antenna that has been made specifically for RV owners. This small but powerful device is a top choice for those who travel, and we’re going to find out what customers have to say about its performance and features.

About The Product

PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna Support 2 Tvs

PingBingDing is a huge brand when it comes to antennas and they have devices to suit just about every home or situation. Their Compact Outdoor Antenna works both in your house and on the road in your RV so it’s completely versatile, but most people prefer to use it when they’re traveling on the road.

The PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna might be small, but it’s able to get local television channels in full 1080 HD. This means no matter where you are, you’ll be watching the highest definition possible and all with a compact but powerful antenna attached to your motor home.

The features on offer by the PingBingDing make it a popular choice for RV owners, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it at home as well. When you choose this antenna for your on-road adventures, you’ll get:

  • 1080i HDTV broadcasts;
  • Both UHF and VHF channels;
  • Built-in 360-degree motor rot and wireless remote;
  • Made for all weather conditions including snow and sun;
  • Pre-assembled design for easy installation;
  • Offering a frequency range of VHF: 170-230MHz / UHF: 470-860MHz

This antenna is a lot smaller than others in its class, but it performs with a lot more power. All you need to do is install it for yourself somewhere outdoors, and you’ll pick up HDTV broadcasts from local channels no matter where you are in the country.

What Others Say

There are plenty of extra features in the PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna that you won’t find with other brands. This antenna can work with two TVs without needing a splitter, it has a simple snap-on installation process, and is completely weatherproof for even the most extreme conditions.

This makes it ideal for campers who go out in all seasons and means you’ll never have to miss your favorite show.

This might take a little longer to install than some others, but it has everything you need right in the box. There’s no need to purchase additional products or even have many tools. You can purchase this while you’re out on the road and as soon as it arrives, you’ll be able to install it.

According to the reviews, this antenna is capable of picking up more than most they’ve tried. Without making any adjustments, people had access to 60+ channels that were all in high definition. For the compact size and fuss-free setup, it’s pretty amazing what it was able to achieve.

You’ll also get a handy remote control that can help move the motor rotor around. This means picking up channels is easy and there’s no need to leave your RV just to do so. For people who hate going out in the rain or wind, you’ll really appreciate this feature.

Buying Advice

PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna Installation

If you’re looking for a compact solution to watching TV in your RV, you’ll love everything about the PingBingDing Antenna. Amazon has this antenna listed for a great price, along with the rest of PingBinging’s range, and you can get it at the moment for just over $45.

Amazon also includes free postage in this cost and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime that means free express postage. Within 48 hours you could have your brand new antenna installed, so you might even want to order it while you’re on the road.

PingBingDing has a one-year parts warranty on this product and there’s also the option to extend it for another year for a small cost. According to customers, their antennas usually have quite a long life span so there’s probably no need to extend your warranty unless you’re after that peace of mind.

This is a versatile antenna that can be used at home or in your RV, so for people who like the coverage it offers, they might want to invest in one for home as well. Otherwise, you can easily snap it off and move it around as needed, packing it away whenever you’re ready to take the RV on the road.

The Verdict

Just because you’re traveling around it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite form of entertainment, and the PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna makes sure of that. This is the perfect sized antenna for traveling but it performs like a much larger device, so you get the best of both worlds when you use it.

With access to HDTV channels and a greater range than ever before, you’ll probably never want to leave your RV once you have this installed. To get the PingBingDing Compact Outdoor Antenna for your RV and find out how well it performs, click on the button below to grab one today.

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