GE Attic Mount Antenna Review

GE Outdoor Antenna Review

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One of the great things about over the air HDTV is that it is not just free, it’s quality is superior to most of the satellite HDTV programming that you can buy. Since, you don’t get the real value for your money, investing in a good outdoor HDTV antenna is beneficial for long-term savings and quality entertainment.

Outdoor HDTV antennas are not your regular and conventional antennas. With a contemporary design, they are built using only the best of materials. There are hundreds of models available from several different brands. You can find the best one to suit your needs after checking out their reviews, ratings and technical specifications.

GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna

Indoor HD antennas can be a bit more expensive. Because of the large size of these products, many home owners do not want to place them in their homes. Hence, they prefer using HDTV antennas that can easily be mounted externally.

The first thing to do before buying an HD antenna is to do your research to know the distance from the broadcast towers of local networks to your home. Many online sources can help you out with this activity.

You can conveniently mount outdoor TV antennas on the rooftop. However, some have a unique advantage of being installed on all corners of the house, such as the attic.

About The Product

The GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna comes with a compact design to get high-quality reception of your favorite HDTV programming. What’s more? Plus, this is the perfect outdoor antenna if you prefer streaming content from any device, including your laptop or console.

Product specifications:

  • Brand: GE
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Manufacturer: Jasco
  • Color: Gray


  • High-quality reception
  • A high-quality product from America’s leading brand
  • Free High-Definition TV broadcasts from well-known networks
  • Contemporary but high-performance design
  • Convenient mounting options
  • Signal Enhancing Reflectors to boost signal strength
  • Can be easily mounted in your attic for fine reception
  • Assembly instructions, mast and mounting bracket included
  • Broad-Spectrum reception that covers both UHF and VHF stations

 GE Compact Attic HDTV Antenna with Mount


One of the best parts about this product is that it can blend with any surroundings. Easy mounting allows it to be set up with any elevation, which is a great choice for TV watchers who are on the lookout to buy an efficient antenna at an affordable price.

This antenna allows you to enjoy your favorite channels in HD quality. Since, there are many free HD TV channels from several renowned networks such as NBC, PBS, and CBS.

Easy positioning and mounting that comes with this antenna allow it to be a great accessory for enjoying a whole new world of HDTV programs. The antenna offers broad spectrum reception for both VHF and UHF stations.

This antenna is designed to receive and filter signals for a matchless performance. You can get a high-quality resolution up to 1080p. All assembly instructions come in the package with a mounting bracket and mast. It has a limited lifetime warranty. 

This product is best for people who live far away from broadcast towers. However, you may have trouble getting signals if you live in a rural area.

What Others Are Saying

Most of the buyers who have bought this antenna are happy with the easy set-up and easy mounting options. It offers high-quality reception and is popular among customers for the quality of its materials. The innovative design of this attic mount antenna makes it an ideal product for users who want a product that functions well and looks good at the same time.

GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna

Some buyers find the installation booklet too small. A reviewer remarked that he had to scan in the booklet so he could zoom in on the illustrations and text. However, since all parts are nicely put together in the package, you can easily make out the parts that you will find in the manual.

It is a good idea to lay out all the parts with all the screws and nuts, mounting parts, dipole antenna parts, the reflector rods and everything else before you begin the installation.

Some buyers find the product extremely convenient to install. However, a few noted that they got more help from YouTube videos than the instruction manual for setting up the antenna. Apart from the assembly, it is a quality product that a large number of buyers appreciate.

Customers are pleased to receive over a hundred of channels with crystal clear reception. Only a few of them may be pixilated. However, you get excellent quality with this product and also a few audio-only channels.

Buying Advice

The GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna is immensely popular among HD programming enthusiasts for free quality entertainment. Many fake online retailers sell outdated and defected products. Make sure you buy all your products from trusted and authentic sources. Not only these stores provide you with original products, but they also offer you free shipping and refund options.

Compact Design with Mount for VHF / UHF Channels - 60 Mile Range

The GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna does not let you waste your time to receive a clear picture. What you get is an aesthetically pleasing design with great functionality to receive high-quality channels. This affordable outdoor TV antenna is available at at a jaw dropping $27 with free shipping.


The GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna offers remarkable receiving abilities in all directions. Easy installation and convenient set up make it a great purchase for adding quality accessories to your TV equipment.

It works well and superior to most other products that are available from other cheap and unknown brands. GE is an established name in the industry that is known for building sustainable and high-quality products to its consumers for decades.

Customer reviews and feedback suggest that it a great product that offers value for your money. Buy it today to reduce your bills and enjoy remarkable picture quality to receive your favorite channels for free.

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