A Review On The Best Digital TV Antenna Signal Meter Strengths Finder

Switching over to broadcasting channels so you can watch TV for free sure can save you a lot of money.  One of the most challenging parts about this endeavour is locating the strongest signals. It isn’t easy to fine tune your antenna or satellite so you can get a crystal clear view on TV.  Adjusting your antenna is especially hard when you want to set up a control unit so you can watch different channels from different broadcasting towers or when you are on the go and constantly need to seek out signal strength at any location you visit.

There are quite a few things you can do to ease broadcast viewing.  Many choose to invest in a remote antenna rotator so they can adjust the antenna direction without having to climb up onto the roof and others choose to invest in antenna boosters so they can get stronger signal strength in remote areas.

A digital TV antenna signal meter is one of these must-haves to get if you are switching over to free TV.  These meters connects to your antenna coaxial cable and will then pick up and measure the signal strength of broadcasting signals as you turn your TV antenna.  Antenna signal meters are excellent for finding channels in unknown regions, for setting up multiple channels on a device and especially if you want to fine tune your TV set so you can get the clearest possible view.  With these handy little boxes you can identify and fine tune your TV antenna or satellite in as little time as 15 minutes. The best part is that many of these units are so small and compact in size, you can easily take them along on camping or RV trips.  

The Best Digital TV Antenna Signal Meter Strengths Finder

In this product review we are going to compare the top two signal meters that you can buy right now.  These are both very easy to use and highly effective for identifying the strongest signal readings in your location.  With these units you can have your channels set up in no time at all and you can fine tune your channels so you can enjoy the best possible view on your TV set.  Here is a quick look at the two best signal strength meters to include in your antenna package.  

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The Cimple Co Signal Strength Meter

If you hate struggling to find a perfect and clear signal then you can consider the Cimple Co Signal Strength Meter.  This meter can be used along with any TV antenna. It connects to the antenna or satellite dish via coaxial cable and helps you find broadcasting towers or the strongest signal strength.  

Once you have the device set up on your antenna you can simply turn it on and rotate the antenna until most LED lights are illuminated and follow the instructions to get the clearest signal strength.  The box can be used to scan for a number of different TV channels so you can set these up on a control unit at your TV. With the Cimpler Co strength meter you can locate a number of different channels and fine-tune your antenna so you can get a perfect signal on each of these channels.  

This little unit is also perfect for identifying strong signals on travels.  RV campers love to use this little tool to identify the best signal at various camping and holiday sites with ease.  It is a handy little device to have with you on the road.  

Amazon Rating


  • Weight – 5.8 oz
  • Size – 3.8 x 3.5 x 18”
  • Batteries – 2 x 9V (included)
  • Included – TV signal strength meter, adapter kit and coaxial cable
  • Display – turn knob and indication lights
  • Installation – plug and play


  • Plug and play installation makes for easy setup
  • The device is easy to use
  • Identify broadcasting stations easily so you can set up your antenna correctly
  • Perfect for near and far broadcasting towers
  • Portable so you can easily take it along on travels
  • Perfect for RV traveling
  • Signal indicator lights make it very easy to find the strongest signal


  • You still need to manually turn your antenna to the indicated direction
  • No LED display to indicate direction 


This digital TV signal meter can greatly reduce the hassles of locating strong broadcasting signals.  At the affordable price of this unit, there just isn’t a reason for you to struggle to identify stations anymore.  The signal meter is perfect for setting up your control unit or for identifying strong channels on the go. Many prefer this analogue meter above digital LCD meters because it is easier to fine tune the meter when you can turn a knob than to fine tune a digital meter with lots of auto functions.  

The AGPtek Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder


  • Weight – 4.8 oz
  • Size – 5.1 x 2.4 x 3.1”
  • Input frequency – 950 – 2150 MHz
  • Input level min – 40dBm
  • Input level max – 10dBm
  • Power supply – DC 13 / 18V
  • Range – 52 – 60dB
  • Batteries – 2 x 1.5V

Amazon Rating



  • Made of quality materials
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Pocket size and light weight device
  • Electronic buzzer notifies you if a signal is detected
  • Has a compass
  • Very easy to use4
  • LCD display helps you identify signal strength percentage
  • Identify strong signals for satellite or antenna


  • Can be challenging to set up
  • It can be hard to identify specific stations you want to view with the device



This is a handy little unit to take along on trips if you want to enjoy some free TV on your expeditions. The device is great for identifying signals and can be used on a number of different TV antenna and satellite types.  It is a very affordable unit and it is quite easy to use.  

Final Verdict

Both of these units can make it a lot easier for you to find the strongest signal,, especially if you are setting up multiple channels on a control unit.  These devices point you in the right direction and are excellent for fine tuning your antenna so you can get the clearest possible view while enjoying TV.

The AGPtek Digtital Signal Meter is the budget friendly of the two.  It is also modernised with its LCD display and auto features.  

The Cample Co signal strength meter, on the other hand, can be a better investment if you want to set up multiple channels or fine tune your antenna.  Analog devices are very helpful for fine tuning sine auto features in digital units can make it hard to make fine adjustments when everything is automated.  

All in all, these are both good units to help you set up your TV antenna and especially if you are traveling in an RV to different holiday spots and might not know where you can find strong antenna signal strength.  

We hope that this product review helped you find the best antenna signal meter and if you are looking for other top range TV products then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where we discuss the top ones to get right now. 

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