Motion sickness of the child: pros and cons

Rocking a baby is a tradition of folk culture. It has its roots in ancient times. Moreover, this tradition is inherent not only to the Russian people. In Dagestan, for example, babies are generally tied to a cradle with straps and rocked so that the child is already breathtaking! But, nevertheless, he likes it. However, not so long ago there were disputes about whether this procedure of calming the baby is really so useful. Motion sickness has its opponents and supporters.Many moms believe that motion sickness is harmful to the not yet fully formed vestibular apparatus of the crumbs. And then, if the baby is constantly rocked in his arms, he can get used to it, and in the future it is unlikely to be possible to put him to sleep in another way. But over time, the weight of the child will increase and the mother will be harder and harder to swing it.Other mothers, on the contrary, consider this process the most pleasant. What could be better than hugging your baby to your chest? Feel his tiny body, inhale his gentle scent. Moreover, while the child is still very young, you need to strive to spend every free minute with him. After all, when he grows up, you will not be able to pick him up so easily. Even in the womb, the baby swayed when walking, so motion sickness contributes to a positive effect. This procedure is favorable for easy falling asleep and sound sleep.To rock your child or not, each mother decides individually. After all, what suits one kid may not suit another. If your baby falls asleep in the crib without motion sickness, then it's more comfortable for him. But if you still decide to wean a crumb from your hands, do it competently. You can't just stop rocking the baby at one moment. It is necessary to find an alternative replacement for this method of calming. It is necessary that the baby could move painlessly from his mother's gentle hands to his crib. Bathing in warm water, a light massage, a quiet lullaby or slow calm music - all this will help to form your ritual of going to bed. Over time, the child will get used to it and will fall asleep on his own. And, for example, you can put a toy to the baby's chest during feeding or leave your mother's blouse. Don't expect a miracle to happen right away and your child will start falling asleep on his own. Be patient, take your time, don't get angry, and you will definitely succeed. Bukmeker kontorunda ev və ya avtomobil üçün pul qazanmaq 1win böyük bir bankınız olmalıdır, ya da minimum məbləğlə başlayıb, tədricən artırmalısınız